Translation is a written process in which your message is conveyed from one language into another. It demands excellent language skills, as well as in-depth knowledge of the two cultures and competent writing skills. A translation should read as though it were originally written in the target language.

I am always careful to look closely at customer documents prior to accepting a project. It is not just a matter of ensuring that the subject matter falls within my area of expertise, but also of discovering who the translated content is aimed at. For example, if the intended audience includes non-native speakers, it is often better to stick to fairly simple syntax and vocabulary.

I maintain a sizeable database of client glossaries, to ensure consistency across translations, and will often need to ask customers about their terminological preferences prior to finalising a translation.

B2B and B2C Content

I translate business documents, websites, emails, letters and presentations, both internal and intended for publication in one format or another. 

Academic Content

I’m very used to working with academic texts, and am engaged in ongoing collaboration with UBO (Université de Bretagne Occidentale), EHESP (French School of Public Health) and URCA (Université de Reims). This work includes translation as well as proofreading and correction of research papers written in English by French academics, and destined for publication. I can provide you with excellent references from these establishments.

A good translation can’t be cobbled together. It should be seamless.

Cobbles might look authentic, but there’s no denying that the ride can be bumpy.

If you use a ‘free’ translation service, your customers will struggle to keep their footing – especially those for whom English is a second language.

Pave the way for them to step confidently, because poor translation could trip you both up.

Choose a human translator.

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